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Libertarians believe that you have the right to live your life as you wish, without the government interfering -- as long as you don’t violate the rights of others. Politically, this means Libertarians favor rolling back the size and cost of government, and eliminating laws that stifle the economy and control people’s personal choices.



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Welcome to the Chesterfield County Libertarian Party!

The Chesterfield County Libertarian Party (“CLP”) is the local Libertarian Party affiliate committee in Chesterfield County.

The Libertarian Party believes in individual liberty and personal responsibility. We believe that governments at all levels are too big, too intrusive, and too expensive. We are working to reduce government to its proper constitutional role: to protect the rights of the people, and otherwise leave us alone.



WHEN: 2nd Thursday of every month, 6pm social hour / dinner, 7pm meeting

WHERE:  Sergio’s Italian & Pizza Restaurant, 4824 Market Square Ln, Midlothian, VA 23112. [MAP]

When you arrive, ask for the Libertarian table.

If you need phone help getting to the restaurant, call (804) 744-0110.


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To subscribe: Send an email to with no subject and "Subscribe ChesterfieldLP-Forum" as the text.


2010 Chesterfield Libertarian Party Committee Members

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Chairman: Connie Jenkins

5112 Blossomwood Ct

Chester VA 23832-7023



Vice Chair: Eric Kasten

412 Michaux Ridge Ct

Midlothian VA 23113-6833



Treasurer: Tony Grebas

PO Box 2134                                                                                                                                 

Chesterfield VA 23832-9111

(804) 512-4030


Secretary: Debra Friend

8131 Babbler Ln

Richmond VA 23235-6525

(804) 675-9921


Member At-Large, position 1: Bill Friend

8131 Babbler Ln

Richmond VA 23235-6525

(804) 400-6238


Member At-Large, position 2: Greg Jenkins

5112 Blossomwood Ct

Chesterfield VA 23832-7023

(804) 744-7585 or (804) 731-5530


Note: Per the Chesterfield Libertarian Committee bylaws, the At-Large members are the only Board members who have a vote in Committee business. Others named do not vote unless they are also precinct captains.


Chesterfield’s LP Congressional District Chairs:

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The county of Chesterfield is divided between two U.S. House of Representative districts, the 4th and the 7th.  The Libertarian Party of Virginia is organized by congressional district under state law.  For each of the 11 congressional districts in Virginia, there is a district Libertarian committee with officers such as a chairman.  The district committee’s purpose is 1) to satisfy the organization requirement under the law; and 2) to seek out candidates for congress every two years.  In Chesterfield County, the district chairs are as follows:


4th Congressional District Chairman:


Donna Grebas

PO Box 2134                                                                                               

Chesterfield VA 23832-9111

(804) 512-4030


7th Congressional District Chairman:


George Green

4603 Breithorne Ct

Glen Allen VA  23060-3349

(804) 317-3764




Chesterfield County Libertarian Party

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